Overview of Extra Charges

for the purchase or sale of a real estate

I.  Bill of sale
II. Mortgage loan

I. Extra charges for bill of sales

1. Land transfer tax from the value of the service in return 3.5 %

2. Charge for the entry into the land register 1.1 %

3. Costs for the contract preparation and the implementation of the land register
(by arrangement within the context of the rate rules or of the prevailing author of the document as well as for cash expenditures and for stamp duties)

4. Costs for the proceedings and administrative expenses for "Grundverkehrsverfahren": It is to be made after entry in the land register of the notation of the order of precedence for the intended sale, after the freedom from encumbrances has been secured as well as after permission for the contract of sale has been legally granted pursuant to the current valid version of the Carinthia Real Estate Transactions Act 2002.

5. Possible payments by the residents according to the communities´regulation (costs for the opening and costs for making a plot of land available for building ) as well as charges and costs for supply points (water, canal, electricity, gas, telephone, etc.)

6. Commission (legally provided maximum commission)

in case of purchase, sale or exchange of

  • real estate or parts of real estate
  • real estate which are meant for housing property or as agreed
  • businesses of all kinds
  • compensation for "Superädifikate" on a plot of land

with a value from € 48,448,58 3 % of both clients
(seller and purchaser) plus 20 % sales tax each

II. Extra charges for mortgage loans
1. Charge for the entry into the land register 1.2 %

2. General hierarchy for the mortgage 0.6 %

3. Costs for the establishment of a debt instrument according to the rate of the prevailing author of the document

4. Cash expenditures for attestation and stamp duties according to the rate

5. Costs of possible estimation according to the rate of an expert

6. Commission is not allowed to exceed an amount of 2 % of the loan total, provided that the arrangement is connected to the arrangement according to § 15 Abs 1 IMVO. If there is no connection, the commission or other compensation is not allowed to exceed 5 % of the loan total.